C. D. Wight is the author of TOKYO GREEN – A NOVEL, and several other smaller works of speculative fiction that tend to explore oddities of the work-leisure dynamic in a rapidly changing world. His work reflects optimism for the future, while bringing to light the cultural and technological growing pains that are sure to come.

Tokyo Green – A Novel

In 2048, AI specialist Tomo is about to lose his job in Silicon Valley, as U.S. unemployment soars past thirty percent. He’s a terrible team player, and his ass-kissing skills are sub-par. While Tomo’s got talents for making robots act more human, the job makes him feel more like a machine. When his hometown in Japan is destroyed by a tsunami, Tomo has the reason he needs to take a break. But in Tokyo, Tomo overhears something impossible to ignore: a care-giving bot is pressuring his grandmother to sell her condo and move into an old folks’ home. Elderly neighbors complain their bots sing the same tune. Tomo breaches the veil of customer service at the care-giving company, revealing a

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Moments of Madness at a Tokyo Café

Six extraordinary characters stand out among anonymous herds of Tokyo commuters in this offbeat collection of interlocking tales. Each of the six stories is quick-paced, impactful, and unique. An awkward salaryman plots the unthinkable. An ex-CEO refuses to retire. A nervous cashier girl strives to get through the morning rush. A slick salesman receives an offer he can’t refuse. A timid housewife ignites a bizarre connection with her husband. A young single mom finds hope under duress. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture and flash fiction, then you’ll appreciate these sharply written tales. Buy on Amazon

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Works In Progress

Writing status as of winter of 2018-2019: I’ve got two major fiction projects in the works. 2019 Project One is a fun, insightful novel with the working title “Rex-Dominus” (or maybe “Clarity: Bad Ass”), about a hard-edge operative (REX) from the far future, doomed to serve infinite life sentences as a wage slave in early 21st century America. 2019 Project Two is a collection of twenty-nine flash fiction stories that focus on odd human adaptations to a fast-changing professional workforce in the early 21st century.

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